Terms & Conditions

If the customers is visiting our website, he/she agrees to all types of terms & conditions mentioned here. CBD Packaging Boxes have the right to change in terms & conditions and also modify the privacy policy of service to its customers during any course of time. This is the agreement between customer and enterprise, in which both parties will abide by all types of terms & conditions during the order or purchase process.

Copyright policy

CBD Packaging Boxes have their copyright policy. This policy ensures that all the written content, graphics, illustrations, images, product specifications, data, maps, or anything, which is displayed or used on the website are the sole property of the company. CBD Packaging Boxes do not allow anyone to copy or use this content or material for their personal use without legal permission.

Return and refund policy

You may return your orders in 2 working days if you found anything faulty, miss printed or not according to your demands like size issues, etc. The company must need to inform in 2 working days; otherwise, the company considers the respective order delivered.

We do not offer a refund. if you are not completely satisfied with the delivered order. You need to send the defective item’s to our warehouse and our company will examine the faulty product then finally panel will decide. if there should be an occurrence of flawed printing or unrequested printing we print your original order but do not offer refunds.

Order acceptance/cancellation policy

The order could only be accepted if complete payment, including all kinds of taxes and charges, are paid in advance to the company. The amount could be made through PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Stripe or any other trusted means of payment.

The company has the right to reject or halt the order delivery if a custom is not able to pay the required amount to final the delivery. After your complete satisfaction, the terms will be sent to our design department. Then you could not make any changes in already prescribed requirements also you could not cancel the orders. Buyer also needs to pay the government applied sales tax or any other taxes.

Services & price

The company has a right to change the rate of any product without giving former notice. The company also has the right to halt, terminate, or altogether cancel the contract at any time without informing the reasons.

Warranty/ guarantee

CBD Packaging Boxes do not have any policy of warranty or guarantee against any product. Though, we have the plan of refund and exchange which are mentioned above in the statement.

Delay in shipment

CBD Packaging Boxes try their best to deliver the product to your doorstep on your required deadlines. But CBD Packaging Boxes do not take any responsibility for late delivery through 3rd party courier or shipment service.


These terms & conditions are utterly viable between client and company and will be considered as an agreement, and both stakeholders are responsible for acting upon this policy. Though customers could not challenge the policy of the our website in any legal institution and our website has the right to change these policies at any time.