CBD Packaging Boxes

Privacy Policy

Being the premium company for the custom printing and custom packaging solutions provider, CBD Packaging Boxes cares about the privacy of its clients. The open access to our privacy policy for every visitor and customer makes us a reliable and trustworthy platform for doing an online business. To understand our privacy policy, read the following passages.

Our concern for privacy
We have developed strict privacy for the use of our website. The customers’ and visitors’ information comes under this privacy policy. The data and the information that we gather from our clients for the processing of an order or from any inquiry is not shared, disclosed, or sold to a third party. We share this information only with those platforms where it is needed. These platforms include customer services, contact, processing, and shipping of the clients’ order(s) and requests. We may share your information with a court of law if required or to secure our interest and the safety of our organization, and the workers who work under the banner of CBD Packaging Boxes. We never purposefully collect any information from kids under the age of 15 years. The design, structure, content, and products that we are dealing with via our website are not intended or structured for use by children under the age of 15.

Collecting and using information
There are certain areas at www.cbdpackagingboxes.co.uk where we collect some information from the customers such as; log files of the customers that contain the domain name, the IP address, browser name and its version, date and time of visiting our website, web pages through which the customer entered or exited of our website, the number of clicks that a customer made, the duration of visit, and the demographic information of the visitors to get to know the trends that consumers follow. Please note that the log files do not include the email addresses of the customers.

We assure you that we do not sell, exchange, dole out, or misuse your private information to any 3rd party. Though, we may distribute it with our business partners, associates, and other places where we deem it important to make the fulfilment of your order faster and better.

Business payments and transactions

When it comes to do the transactions and make payments to a business partner, transfer of assets to a different organization, or declaration of bankruptcy, the data that we have had collected from our clients will go with it.

Use of cookies

Every e-commerce platform utilises cookies to enhance the experience of the clients at their online store. Our website 9www.cbdpackagingboxes.co.uk) also uses cookies to get the basic information of the customers. However, the visitors have the option the turn it off if they do not want to share data with us.