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We can help you create a customised branded packaging box for your CBD products. Our expert team will work with you to choose a design as well as produce them to your specifications, ensuring that your packaging box is exactly what you require. Our unique range of promotional boxes are perfect for showcasing and protecting your CBD products such incorporating branding. There's plenty of room to add your logo and branding with full colour printing, these packs are perfect for sale to customers in retail outlets, restaurants and pharmacies. Give us a call at +44 745 127 8675 and speak to one of our sales representatives today!

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Short Run Boxes and Packaging gives you the opportunity to reach your customers with a high-quality

When you are looking for CBD boxes, or any other type of custom packing needs, Short Run Boxes and Packaging gives you the opportunity to reach your customers with a high-quality​ product. When it comes to custom box design and packaging for CBD, we have the experience and attention to detail that will ensure you get exactly what you need. We provide a wide variety of product packaging that has been carefully designed specifically for your CBD food, beverages and health products. Our box is produced from top quality materials that provide excellent protection for a long time period. While we do specialize in the production and supply of custom CBD boxes, we can create bags, lids, tags and labels as well. Our goal is to meet every need and desire that you have regarding your personal product packaging needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your products.


Free Design Support

We offer our customers to design their own boxes for shipping their products.


Easy To Assemble

Providing easy to assemble boxes with clear instructions that will consume less time.


Easy To Assemble:

You will only get high-quality boxes created from top-notch materials


Business Discounts

Special business accounts to people who want product boxes for their business.


CBD Packaging Boxes is a UK-based company offering custom packaging solutions for the retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of CBD products. We started out with a collaborative effort to help our customers create custom product boxes quickly, keeping their fulfillment rates at an optimal level.

After gaining experience in the marketplace we learned that success for these practitioners provide fulfillment beyond their wildest dreams; they treat their practice as a way of life with unmatched passion and dedication. So we decided to make packaging one of the focal points of our business.

We specialize in several modes of business:

Licensed cannabis retailers are able to offer their products through CBD packaging boxes. We work directly with retailers so that they can get the most out of their product packaging, with no guesswork.

Retailers who are interested in expanding into new markets can take advantage of our services here . We can help you fulfill your online inventory from anywhere in the continental United States (and if you’re in Canada, we work on an international basis).

Manufacturers who want to offer packaging options on their website can do so. Our design team has extensive knowledge of many different types of packaging and can help you find one that will fit your brand perfectly.

CBD Packaging Boxes Make CBD Easy To Understand

CBD is rapidly growing as one of the most sought-after natural supplements, for its amazing health and beauty effects. You can find CBD in a variety of products – from creams used for muscle pain and skin conditions, to oils and juices claiming to help with weight loss and immunity. These products can also be packaged in custom printed boxes designed by CBDPackagingboxes.co.uk!. Are you looking for wholesale printed boxes in UK? Look no further, because we present CBDPackagingboxes.co.uk which is your ideal source to get the finest services to prepare custom printed boxes. We’re offering a large collection of packaging supplies which are perfect for storing various types of products. Each custom printed box from us will help you to gain competitive edge among other brands and take your business to the next level. CBD packaging boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials. We offer our worthy clients premium wholesale boxes’ printing.

Why CBD Packaging Boxes Are The Best For Your Business?

Custom printed CBD boxes are the best way to package this product and make it attractive on the display shelves of any store! With its wide range of benefits, consumers are looking for this product everywhere! Why not give them something they’ll remember so that your brand

Our CBD Boxes Are Professionally Designed And Printed On-Demand

We offer a wide range of packaging options and choices that can help you in establishing your brand image in the market. Our Custom CBD Packaging Boxes are made from strong cardboard material that comes with a smooth finish. This is one of the best packaging choices for retailers, manufacturers and business people who want to have a customized CBD packaging box for their products that will help them to keep their products safe during transportation and handling. We offer Custom CBD Packaging Boxes that come with a wide range of customization options. These boxes can be printed with different colors, shapes and sizes. All you need to do is to send us your concept and we shall create a prototype of it for you and deliver it at your door step. The process of designing and creating these custom CBD packaging boxes are very easy and convenient. All you need to do is send us your idea and we shall create an illustration of it, then our team will create a prototype of it for you and then we will deliver it at your doorstep within 8-12 working days. You can get these boxes customized in any shape or size. You can also get them printed with different colors, logos, images, text and other information that you want to add to these boxes. Our high-quality printing services will ensure that.

The manufacturing of CBD boxes is a process which requires high skills and expertise. It is the only means of making these packaging boxes effective, so these special kinds of things come under the process of manufacturing, packaging and designing. Keeping in mind all such factors, you have to make sure that high precision is maintained in order to ensure maximum quality. These sorts of boxes are manufactured from 100% environment friendly material so as to keep it a healthy habit to go green. The classic range includes different elements consisting of laminated finishing and spot gloss UV along with embossing and debossing, besides this we also offer cut-out die cuts for the design style