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Proudly introduce your CBD product with a unique and custom packaging boxes. Our CBD Boxes is perfect for displaying and protecting your products, and these packaging boxes also assist in allowing the product to present the way you want. There's plenty of room to add your logo and branding with full colour printing and we can accommodate any specification you require. Give us a call at 888-272-0777 and speak to one of our sales representatives today!

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SHORT RUN PACKAGING Custom CBD Boxes & Custom Packaging solutions

Our customer service team is ready to assist you with your custom packaging needs. We produce high quality CBD box and other associated packagings that withstand rough handling and provide years of protection for your products. For over three decades, all our cbd boxes and other custom packaging items have been designed to satisfy customers both locally and globally. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


Free Design Support

We offer our customers to design their own boxes for shipping their products.


Easy To Assemble

Providing easy to assemble boxes with clear instructions that will consume less time.


Easy To Assemble:

You will only get high-quality boxes created from top-notch materials


Business Discounts

Special business accounts to people who want product boxes for their business.

CBD Packaging Boxes

CBD is rapidly growing as one of the most sought-after natural supplements, for its amazing health and beauty effects. You can find CBD in a variety of products – from creams used for muscle pain and skin conditions, to oils and juices claiming to help with weight loss and immunity. These products can also be packaged in custom printed boxes designed by!. Are you looking for wholesale printed boxes in UK? Look no further, because we present which is your ideal source to get the finest services to prepare custom printed boxes. We’re offering a large collection of packaging supplies which are perfect for storing various types of products. Each custom printed box from us will help you to gain competitive edge among other brands and take your business to the next level. CBD packaging boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials. We offer our worthy clients premium wholesale boxes’ printing. is a pioneer in innovative custom packaging. We have been operating in the field of CBD packaging since last few years and have always been delivering unique designs not only to our clients but also to the consumers at large. CBD Packaging Boxes is committed to assist you in making your business a huge success. Through our years of experience, we have become a go-to packaging company for businesses of all sizes. Our team provides a dedicated and diverse range of packaging solutions to meet your business needs. These services are offered at affordable prices considering your budget and requirements.

Custom CBD Boxes

We can offer customized CBD packaging boxes that come with a wide range of sizes and styles. All you need to do is packaging your products, then putting it into this box. Our simple and classical design comes with a luxurious look and feel to add elegance to your products. Custom Packaging boxes can be printed with numerous options of decorating and styling ideas to make these boxes look different from each other and make them speak for themselves in the market. All you need to do is to send us your idea and we shall create a prototype of your concept and deliver it to you. CBD Packaging Boxes are one of the best choices for manufacturers, retailers and business people who want to pack the goods into a durable carry box that will keep the goods safe. A perfect packaging pushes up your brand image along with keeping it safe. Not only these kinds of packaging boxes are made for keeping your goods safe but they are also very appealing externally which makes them most preferred amongst the most people. Our CBD Packaging Boxes are ideally designed with your product in mind, same is the reason why packaging boxes manufactured on custom orders are being used all over the globe in order to accomplish different purposes. If you are looking for reliable boxes at competitive rates, then feel free to contact . We make use of the best quality raw material for creating these boxes. There are no limits on shapes, sizes, and colors of the boxes created by us. Our high quality boxes are manufactured in house by promising care and attention so that customer requirement is fulfilled in an efficient manner. For ensuring an eco-friendly solution, all of our boxes are from 100% recycle material to manage a healthy and green environment.


CBD Packaging Boxes provides custom packaging solutions to the retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of CBD products. Based in Los Angeles, CA, we’ve created an online platform that helps our customers create custom product boxes quickly. We learned first-hand that success for these practitioners provide fulfillment beyond their wildest dreams; they treat their practice as a way of life with unmatched passion and dedication.